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Garage Door Openers



Aspen Garage Door has serviced and installed hundreds of garage door openers in the Madison Wisconsin area.  We can usually provide same day or next day installation for the door openers that we keep in stock, which include the Genie Pro Series Garage Door Openers.

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Genie Pro Max 500 Garage Door Opener  (Most popular)

1.  Full chain drive, not chain cable combination
2.  Enclosed gear housing prolongs gears life
3.  Micro-limit switches ensures same open and close position
4.  Lifetime motor warranty
5.  5 Year parts warranty.

Genie Pro-Stealth Garage Door Opener

1.  Kelvar belt with steel cords combined with D.C. two speed motor is super quiet
     and ideal for garages with living space above garage.
2.  Enclosed gear housing prolongs gears life.
3.  Micro-limit switches ensures same open and close position
4.  Lifetime motor warranty
5.  5 year parts warranty


All garage door openers manufactured or imported after January 1, 1993, for sale in the United States are required to have an external entrapment protection system that meets UL 325 specifications.  An electric photo eye installed at a height of 4 to 6 inches above the floor at the inside lower edges of the garage door will auto reverse the door when an infrared beam detects any obstruction in the door's path.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission cautions consumers that not all devices that open and close the garage door are necessarily safe. Some old openers are equipped with a mechanism that only stops the closing door when it strikes an object, not reversing the door in the process. Other pre-1982 openers have a device intended to reverse the closing door when it strikes an object, but for reasons related to age, installation and maintenance, these products may not be safe enough to pre-vent entrapment of a child. These openers cannot be adjusted or repaired to provide the automatic reversing feature found on later devices.



Garage Door REMOTES

Garage door opener remotes typically have one button.  Garage door opener remote models can have more than one button, especially if the garage has more than one door and opener.  Each button can be programmed to send a separate signal to each garage door opener.
  We have remotes available from all major garage door opener manufacturers.



Garage Door KEYPADS


 A garage door keypad is a remote control for the garage door opener mounted on the exterior of the garage door frame.  It allows access through a preprogrammed code of numbers you select.


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